Chambers acknowledges the potential environmental impact that our business operations have on the environment. We are committed to reducing that impact.

We have the following policies in place to reflect this.

• We use waste contractors who are carbon conscious and landfill avoidance

• Proactive approach to recycle as much as we can.

• Encourage the use of video conferencing where appropriate to reduce business mileage

• We provide filtered drinking water in reusable decanters and do not purchase water in plastic bottles.

• We strive to ensure our office space is not cooled or heated unnecessarily and equipment switched off when not in use.

• We purchase our energy from renewable-generated sources

• Education of staff and members of Chambers on the initiatives we have introduced and encourage active participation.

• In an attempt to reduce our carbon foot print, we subscribe to the Bike 2 Work Scheme.

We have already drastically reduced our use of paper in the last 3 years by 80%.