Alex Langhorn

Alex Langhorn

Year of call:

2010, Middle Temple


Alex Langhorn


Level Four, Crown Prosecution Service Advocate Panel.
Level Three, Crown Prosecution Service Serious Crime Group Advocate Panel.

Scholarships and Prizes:

Benefactors' Scholarship, Middle Temple.
Blackstone Entrance Exhibition, Middle Temple.
Keble Advanced International Advocacy Course Scholarship, Middle Temple.
Gerald T. Bennett Prosecutor and Public Defender - Trial Training Program Scholarship, South Eastern Circuit.


Criminal Bar Association


LLB (Hons), University of Nottingham

Alex joined Chambers in 2011 and completed pupillage under the supervision of Mr. Gary Woodhall (now His Honour Judge Woodhall). Since then he has appeared regularly in the Magistrates' Court and the Crown Court, instructed by both the Crown Prosecution Service and Defence Solicitors. In 2017, he was appointed a Category Four Prosecutor, and he is presently instructed in cases involving:

  • Armed Robbery, Robbery, Burglary, and other Offences under the Theft Act 1968;
  • Fraud and Money Laundering Offences;
  • Firearms Offences;
  • Immigration and Identity Document Offences;
  • Offences relating to the Importation, Production, and Supply of Controlled Drugs; and
  • Serious Violence and Disorder.

Alex has a particular interest in cases involving confiscation proceedings, having successfully appeared in the Court of Appeal, led by Andrew Thomas QC, in a case involving arguments about the proportionality of a confiscation order (R. v. IM [2014] EWCA Crim 2417).

Alex has dealt with a wide range of applications for anti-social behaviour orders, orders for the forfeiture of seized cash, injunctions to prevent gang-related violence, and sexual harm prevention orders.  He also has extensive experience of advising on, and conducting, licensing proceedings brought under the Licensing Act 2003 and the Firearms Act 1968.

Prior to commencing pupillage Alex worked as a Legal Services Commission Accredited Police Station Representative.

Recent and Notable Cases:

Drugs Offences

  • R. v. MA and Others (Operation Vertex) (2017) – Prosecuting alone nine Defendants for Conspiracy to Supply multi-kilogram quantities of Cocaine (in excess of 15 kilograms, with a ‘street value’ of £2.5 million) throughout the North of England and into the Midlands. At trial one of the Defendants was represented by Queen’s Counsel. The Defendants used a number of novel and emerging technologies, such as “spoofing” SIM cards, in an attempt to conceal their criminality. The case involved a substantial amount of expert evidence, cell-site evidence, and telecommunications data (  (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – North West Complex Casework Unit).
  • R. v. CM and Others (Operation Petral) (2016-2017) – Led by Nicholas Clarke QC prosecuting twenty-one Defendants. The case revolved around an Organised Crime Group which distributed multi-kilogram quantities of Cocaine and Heroin (approximately 62 kilograms) across the North of England. The Group used converted cars with concealed ‘hides’, encrypted PGP devices, multiple ‘burner’ mobile telephones, and a variety of hi-tech anti-surveillance devices in an attempt to evade detection by the Police ( (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – North West Complex Casework Unit).
  • R. v. AL and Others (2017) – Representing AL, who was acquitted of two offences of Possession of Controlled Drugs of Class A (Cocaine and Heroin) with Intent to Supply. The Prosecution case was that the Defendant was, together with others, operating the “Snicker” line, which was used to co-ordinate “street dealing” in North Manchester (instructed by Maidments Solicitors).
  • R. v. KT and Others (Operation Burnbank) (2016) – Representing KT, one of the Defendants in a twelve-handed Conspiracy to import multi-kilogram quantities of Cocaine (12 kilograms) from Columbia concealed inside computer hard drives. The case involved a substantial amount of telecommunications data. KT was acquitted following a successful submission of no case to answer ( (instructed by Simpson Heald Pearson Solicitors).
  • R. v. AK and Others (Operation Fulcrum) (2015) – Prosecuting alone an eight-handed case involving two conspiracies to supply controlled drugs (Cannabis and Cocaine). The case involved extensive cell-site evidence and thousands of pages of telecommunications data. A ninth Defendant pleaded guilty in separate proceedings ( (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – North West Complex Casework Unit).

Fraud and Related Offences

  • R. v. A.C and D.C. (Operation Newchurch) (2018) Prosecuting two Defendants involved in making fraudulent claims for Tax Credits. At the time the claims were submitted, one of the Defendants was working as an Officer of Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – Specialist Fraud Division).
  • R. v. S.M. (Operation Montana) (2018) – Prosecuting a Defendant for involvement in distributing (through the use of torrents) a large number of copyright infringing karaoke tracks (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – Specialist Fraud Division).

  • R. v. M.A. and Others (Operation Maxton) (2017) – Led by Mark Monaghan prosecuting a fourteen-handed Conspiracy to Defraud an insurer. The case involved a substantial amount of evidence from the insurance and banking sectors (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service).
  • R. v. AH and AA (2017) – Prosecuting two Defendants who attempted to fraudulently obtain a British passport so that one of them could evade a travel ban prohibiting him from entering Turkey (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – North West Complex Casework Unit).
  • R. v. PO (2017) – Prosecuting a Defendant who stole approximately £30,000 from her employer, a care home, and one of the residents under her care. Whilst on bail the Defendant invented a campaign of harassment, and manufactured a series of threatening notes, in an attempt to discredit her former employers. ( (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service).
  • R. v. ZA and AA (2016) – Representing both Defendants. ZA was charged with fraudulently obtaining over £100,000 from women he targeted on a dating site, and AA with laundering the proceeds. The Prosecution later offered no evidence against AA, following representations made by the Defence (instructed by Stephen Lickerish Solicitors).
  • R. v. DA and Others (Operation Vespucci) (2016) – Representing DA, who was charged with involvement in two conspiracies to fraudulently obtain a permanent right to remain in the United Kingdom. Evidence relating to an uncharged, but parallel, conspiracy to facilitate unlawful immigration was excluded following legal argument (instructed by Forbes Solicitors).
  • R. v. FB and Others (Operation Caring Today) (2015) – Led by Gordon Hennell, prosecuting an eight-handed case. FB pleaded guilty during the trial to submitting false and inflated claims for charitable funding, and embezzling those funds using two further companies under her control. The case involved thousands of pages of evidence, substantial issues in relation to Company law, Charities law, and extensive arguments about disclosure (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – North West Complex Casework Unit).
  •  R. v. IM (Court of Appeal) [2014] EWCA Crim 2417 – Led by Andrew Thomas QC in a successful appeal against a confiscation order. The Crown Court had ordered, in line with R. v. Paulet, that the entirety of the wages obtained by an illegal immigrant were the proceeds of crime. The Crown did not oppose the appeal and indicated to the Court that the national guidance on confiscation proceedings would be re-written (instructed by Maidments Solicitors).
  • R. v. KD (Operation Birwong) (2013) – Led by Darren Preston, representing the Defendant, who was alleged to have masterminded a multi-million US Dollar credit card fraud. The case involved thousands of pages of evidence, a vast number of computer files, evidence relating to crypto-currencies (such as Bitcoin) and digital currencies (such as Liberty Reserve), and evidence obtained by the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In the subsequent confiscation proceedings, the Crown abandoned their attempts to obtain a £400,000 hidden-assets finding after considering a skeleton argument prepared by the Defence (instructed by Maidments Solicitors).
  • R. v. JM (Operation Millbank) (2012) – Prosecuting alone a mortgage fraud in excess of £100,000. The Defendant was convicted after trial of furnishing false information to the Building Society (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service – North West Complex Casework Unit).

Violence and Serious Disorder

  • R. v. JB (2017) – Representing JB who was charged with wounding with intent. She was alleged to have chased a friend down the street following an argument, and repeatedly stabbed them in the back with a kitchen knife (instructed by Garratts Solicitors).
  • R. v. EH and Others (2016) – Representing EH, who was charged with involvement in an affray outside the Milton Club in Manchester. The Crown offered no evidence following the service of the Defence Statement and an Application to Dismiss (instructed by JD Spicer Zeb Solicitors).
  • R. v. YA and Others (2015) – Representing YA. who was charged with involvement in a violent disorder in Accrington. Following a legal argument about failures in the disclosure process, adopted by Counsel for the Co-Defendants, the proceedings were stayed as an abuse of process (instructed by Tuckers Solicitors).
  • R. v. SC (Court of Appeal) (2015) – Successful appeal against a sentence of six years’ imprisonment imposed for an offence of wounding with intent. The Court substituted a sentence of four years and nine months’ imprisonment (instructed by Garratts Solicitors).

Other Cases

  • R. v. JW and Others (Operation Geraldton) (2015 - 2016) – Prosecuting the numerous cases arising from the protests at the Barton Moss exploratory drilling site. This protracted litigation involved a series of legal arguments on topics ranging from the reasonable use of land, abuse of process, and the statutory defence to Aggravated Trespass. Rebutting the unfounded allegations of unlawful activity by IGas, the company conducting the drilling, involved a substantial amount of scientific expert evidence ( (instructed by the Crown Prosecution Service).
  • R. v. KD (Operation Birwong II) (2014) – Representing KD, who was acquitted of failing to comply with a notice issued under section 49 of the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000 after the Trial Judge accepted, following legal argument, that the notice was defective and therefore invalid (instructed by Maidments Solicitors).

Crime – ranked Tier 1
“He excels in complex cases, and he punches well above his year of call.”

Legal 500 2019

Crime – Northern (Bar): Leading Barrister (Band 3)
"He is an excellent lawyer without question; if you want to know anything about the law he will know it. He is a walking encyclopedia."

Chambers and Partners UK Bar 2019

'He excels in complex cases, and he punches well above his year of call.'

Legal 500, 2018

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