Equality Statement

9 St John Street is committed to creating a culture of equal opportunities for all. Chambers seeks to ensure that no member of chambers; member of staff; pupil or client is treated less favourably on the grounds of their sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, marital status, colour, race, nationality (including citizenship) or ethnic or national origin or on the grounds of disability, religion or age.

9 St John Street adheres to the Bar Council Equality Code (which can be found here) and has a dedicated Equality and Diversity Committee.

Members of Chambers and Staff actively review their approach to equality and diversity and steps taken include the following:

  • Members of Chambers and staff have completed equality and diversity training
  • Chambers’ approach to pupillage and recruitment is in line with its commitment to equal opportunities for all. We also comply with the requirements of the Bar Council Equality Code
  • Chambers has a comprehensive Equality and Diversity Policy
  • Chambers has two Equality and Diversity Members: Rebecca Eeley and Boyd Morwood who monitor and review Chambers’ progress in relation to equality and diversity. You can contact them by email at edofficers@9sjs.com
  • Chambers has published our diversity data which can be found here
  • As set out in our Equality and Diversity Policy, Chambers promotes a family-friendly atmosphere which allows members of chambers and members of staff to balance their work life and their family life
  • Chambers recognises the importance of making our facilities and premises accessible to all. We will take every reasonable step to ensure you can gain access to our Chambers. If a visitor requires any reasonable adjustments or has any particular requirements, please contact Ms Rachel Swift, Chambers Practice Manager on 0161 955 9000.