Sustainability Report

9 St John Street is committed to ensuring that we are a sustainable and environmentally and socially responsive business. Our priority it to ensure we take account of our social, economic, and environmental impact.


Social Sustainability

Social equity and justice

  • Chambers cultivate a healthy work life balance by offering flexible working and remote working.
  • 9 St John Street Chambers are extremely proud to have our own charitable fund, Nine Lives. Nine Lives is a unique and special feature of our Chambers that reflects our proactive and compassionate collective spirit.
  • To support and encourage employees and counsel to be involved in charitable activities within the local community.
  • Chambers ensure that all staff and members can realise their full potential and have the tools necessary to develop and grow through training both internally and externally.
  • Chambers operate an “open door” policy to allow staff and members to address any concerns with their respective line managers and to ensure that no one is victimised for doing so.
  • Chambers offers all staff and members Employee Assistance Programme

Diversity and inclusion

  • Chambers is committed to creating a culture of equal opportunities for all. Chambers seeks to ensure that no members of Chambers, members of staff, pupils or clients are treated less favourably on the grounds of their sex, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment, marital status, colour, race, nationality (including citizenship or ethnic or national origin or on the grounds of disability, religion, or age.
  • Chambers encourage and promote diversity throughout the organisation.
  • Please see our detailed policy on Equality and Diversity


Environmental Sustainability

Chambers are committed to reducing our direct impact on the environment by the following:

Renewable energy

  • We purchase our energy from renewable-generated sources.
  • We ensure our requirement for energy is reduced by turning off lights and heating in used rooms.

Reduce packaging and paper

  • We ensure technology is used throughout our processes to reduce our paper usage and reliance on natural materials and resources.
  • Chambers have already drastically reduced our use of paper in the last 3 years by 80%.
  • Chambers are very proactive in recycling materials as much as we can including paper / cardboard and plastics. Separate collections points are available around the building.

Conserving water

  • Chambers provide filtered drinking water in reusable decanters and do not purchase water in plastic bottles.

Reduce emissions

  • Chambers encourages members to use the video conferencing facility where appropriate to reduce travel emissions.
  • To reduce our carbon footprint, Chambers subscribe to the Bike 2 Work Scheme.

Green buildings

  • Chambers are looking to ensure we achieve energy rating A in 2024

Waste Management

  • Chambers use waste contractors who are carbon conscious and landfill avoidance.


Economic Sustainability

  • Members and Staff contribute a monthly amount to our Nine Lives Charity Foundation. To date we have raised over 150k to help support local community projects based in and around Greater Manchester area.
  • Chambers is committed to enhance our environmental responsibilities and encourages all members and staff to support our drive to recycle waste, save energy reduce paper usage and encourage sustainable transportation.
  • Chambers focus on suitable suppliers and products to help reduce emissions through the supply chain
  • Our focus in 2024 is to achieve energy rating A for our premises by using energy efficient lighting and optimise heating and cooling systems