5th May, 2011

Demystifying Cell Site Analysis

Organiser: Chris Swann
Email: chris.swann@9sjs.com
Tel: 0161 955 9000
Cost: £10 (All proceeds go to our chosen charity “Nine Lives”)

Spaces Available: 40

Cell site analysis is the technique of placing a mobile phone at a particular geographical location at a specific time. Who doesn’t have a mobile phone? Th at small handheld device is in constant communication with the network and like Big Brother is always watching you!

Cell site analysis is a powerful tool that can be used to prove whether a mobile phone was in an area of interest at a particular time and confi rm or refute an individual’s alibi. Speaker: Heather Grills First Forensic Solutions

1.5 CPD points

Venue: 9 St John Street, Manchester M3 4DN
Registration: 5.00pm
Start: 5.30pm
Refreshments: 6.30pm

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