25th June, 2020

Remote CCMC Hearings – Preparing for Success (Webinar)

Organiser: Joe Gibson
Email: joe.gibson@9sjs.com
Tel: 0161 955 5161

Webinar 25th June @ 13:00

A favourable CCMC Order is crucial for successful multi-track / high value personal injury litigation.

Julie-Anne Luck gives practical tips on preparation and strategy, to ensure your remote CCMC hearings achieve a rewarding and client-centred outcome.

To book on this webinar, please contact Joe Gibson 0161 955 5161 (Joe.Gibson@9sjs.com)

Download the Webinar in full HERE. [PDF]


If you missed our Webinar on Remote CCMC hearings, here is the password and link:

Watch the webinar here!

Password: 7J%7MWC6

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