5th November, 2020

Up Close and Personal: data protection & litigation in 2020/2021

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Chair: Joanne Connolly

Speakers: Dr Edward Morgan, Brian McCluggage, Dr John Sorabji

Registration: If you would like book on the FREE remote event then please email tony.morrissey@9sjs.com

Data protection and the GDPR is a labyrinth for most litigators. This seminar will explore practical solutions to the challenges of personal data issues within contested employment, personal injury and commercial litigation.

Since the introduction of the GDPR in 2018, many lawyers will have attended training on the basics of GDPR, but without receiving granular analysis of how it will apply to real world scenarios in litigation. This seminar will be suitable to lawyers litigating complex employment, commercial and personal injury cases involving sensitive data, whether that relates to occupational, medical or financial information. Our experienced speakers will approach the issues with an eye to the future of GDPR post-Brexit and what that will mean for law firms and clients.

The talks will cover the following topics:

  • The structure of data protection law post-GDPR
  • Recent Case Law Developments
  • Data Transfers & Schrems II
  • January 2021 and the UK GDPR
  • Data protection and covert video surveillance of litigants
  • Data mining litigants to uncover useful information
  • Use and Abuse of personal data as evidence

Download the Webinar flyer HERE.

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