15th March, 2023

9 St John Street Chambers welcomes Isabelle Haddad as a tenant following her successful Pupillage

Chambers is delighted to announce that Isabelle Haddad has successfully completed her Pupillage and has accepted an invitation to join Chambers as part of the Criminal Team.

Robert Smith, Isabelle’s pupil supervisor, commented:

"Isabelle has had an extremely successful pupillage. During her first six Isabelle experienced a wide range of criminal cases (both prosecution and defence) and from the outset demonstrated a strong work ethic and eagerness to learn. This reaped rewards during her second six, where Isabelle received compliments from other practitioners and members of the judiciary for her advocacy in court. Isabelle has a great future ahead of her and we are delighted she has accepted tenancy in Chambers".

Photo of Isabelle Haddad


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