20th October, 2022

Pupillage Tips - Jaime Hamilton KC

Let's be honest about it, pupillage is weird.

It is brilliant, terrifying, inspiring, bewildering, exhausting and vitally important. It is something which I have seen from every angle. I have been a pupil. I have had three pupils. I have provided training to prospective pupil supervisors. I have been the head of the chambers’ pupillage committee, which means I have had the joy akin to being the one that gets to announce “Star Baker” when telling someone they have secured pupillage. And I still think it is weird.

I have described it as a game without rules. In the month of September of 2022, I posted a series of Tweets on each day of the month that contained tips for pupillage. Like most advice in this world, only adopt it if it makes sense to you.

My chambers have collated together all the tips in this PDF. Hopefully one that will make the process less bewildering for you. This is all about you being the best barrister you can be, never forget that.

Jaime Hamilton KC - 19.10.22


Download Pupillage Tips PDF



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