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Andrea Lock

Year of call 2016, Inner Temple  

Areas of Expertise

Andrea is highly experienced advocate and a specialist in Criminal Law undertaking a full range of prosecution and defence work. She is on the CPS Advocate Panel at Level 3. 

Andrea was a solicitor for 24 years before transferring to the Bar in 2016.

She worked in both civil and criminal defence and personal injury practice and as a Magistrates court clerk before joining the CPS as a Senior Crown Prosecutor in Humber and Greater Manchester dealing with serious and complex cases including murders, serious assaults, Rape (RASSO trained), firearms, complex drugs conspiracies and the full range of dishonesty offences before concentrating solely upon advocacy in the Crown Court.

Andrea's wealth of experience in a number of different roles across a wide spectrum of both civil and criminal courts has put her in an enviable position when prosecuting or defending cases, she has real insight, cutting to the issues in a case with logic and intellect. She is a well prepared and poised advocate who will fight her client’s corner with considerable tenacity.

Andrea is practical and proactive dealing with cases confidently, calmly and with a sense of humour when merited. She has many years experience in dealing with young and vulnerable witnesses in difficult or sensitive cases. She is conscientious, approachable and able to grasp and put forward what a client wants to say in the most effective and persuasive manner.

She is direct when she needs to be but also very sensitive. She has an excellent manner with clients, instilling in them confidence and reassurance that they are in safe hands.

Cases of Interest:

Sample Prosecution Cases

Multi-handed conspiracy - 6 weeks. Complex cell site expert evidence. Presentation clearly to jury. Advice telephone intercepts, RIPA, surveillance techniques applying CPS Disclosure manual. Ex parte PII Advocacy.

Robbery - 3 defendants. Young witnesses, SM, live links.

s.18 GBH - SM - Cleared public gallery.

Firearms - 7 day trial vulnerable witnesses with live link. Bad character.

Multiple rapes - Children - 2 victims. Children services 3rd party material disclosure applications. Concurrent family proceedings. 12 day trial. 17 years imprisonment and successfully applied dangerousness. 

Rape of 7 year old including PII material from social services. Convicted. Considerable media attention as D was serving SOCO for local police force.

Rape. 8 days. Mental capacity. s.31 SOA. Special measures. Intermediary use. Convicted after trial - 13 years.

Junior counsel in 3 handed murder. Firearms. Dealt with PII and cross-examination for QC.

Junior in double murder. DR. Dealt with third party disclosure and all unused.

Murder. QC led. 4 weeks. Provocation. 

Fraud £1.2m. 9 days. Complex argument regarding admission of probate documentation. Considerable subsequent POCA proceedings. 

Death by dangerous driving - Sensitive witness handling. Challenging conflicting complex expert evidence. Convicted.

Baby shaking case - Complex conflicting medical evidence. Sensitive case. Media coverage. 

Large scale paedophile ring - Dealing with international aspects of evidence (LOR), advising re: cross border cooperation, use of UCO’s and ABE for victims. Utilised up to date legal knowledge acquired from attendance at course held in Germany specifically targeted at utilising electronic evidence in child sex cases.

Death by dangerous driving - 3 fatalities. Conflicting evidence. Autistic witness [ground rules hearing].

Child rape - Compliance 3rd party protocol with LA and led joint family and criminal PCMH to deal with material.

Rape/Indecency with child - Vulnerable witness - intermediary case.

Kidnapping at gunpoint - Vulnerable witness. Multi handed case.

Blackmail / Aggravated burglary - Multi handed case.

Aggravated burglary / firearms - Multi handed case.

Child rape - Historic. Vulnerable witnesses. Complex bad character issues.


Sample Defence Cases

Death by Dangerous driving - Predominantly circumstantial evidence and cell site analysis. Acquitted.

Robbery - Child witnesses and ‘social media evidence’. Acquitted.

Aggravated burglary - Aquitted.

Perverting course of Justice (False Allegation of Rape) - Successful dismissal argument. Jury directed acquittal.

s.18 (stabbing) - Acquitted.

Inciting indecency with a child - Acquitted.

Historic rape (daughter/nieces) - 40 years ago. Acquitted.

Rape - Historic father/daughter. Acquitted.

Rape - accused = complainant's partner. Acquittal.

GBH - Successful legal argument after Prosecution case leading to a terminatory ruling/jury directed acquittal.

Complex Burglary/Fraud - Successful challenge of telephone & scientific evidence. Acquittal.

Threats to kill/Firearms/Multiple assaults - Domestic violence. Complicated joinder issues. Aquittal.

Prescribed Information

Miss Lock is a practising barrister, regulated by the Bar Standards Board. Details of information held by the BSB about Andrea can be found here

Miss Lock's clerks will happily provide no obligation quotations for all legal services that she provides. Their contact details can be found here. It is most common for Miss Lock to undertake Magistrates and Crown Court services for a brief fee plus refresher days.  For advisory work, paperwork and conferences, it is most commonly charged at an hourly rate, although fixed fees are available. Miss Lock accepts instructions on legal aid rates where those are available, details of which can be found here. Miss Lock will typically return paperwork within 10 days, however professional commitments, complexity and volume of documentation can affect these approximate timescales.


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