30th November, 2021

An evening of celebration for 9 St John Street

On 26th November 2021, 9 St John Street was pleased to be able to congratulate the success of 6 former members of chambers in their appointments to full time judicial posts.

Employment Judge Eeley, HHJ Gilbart, Employment Judge Wedderspoon, Employment Judge Parkin, HHJ Preston and HHJ Heppenstall

The judges whose appointments were being marked were: HHJ Entwistle, HHJ Gilbart, HHJ Heppenstall, HHJ Preston, Employment Judge Eeley and Employment Judge Wedderspoon. We were also delighted to welcome back Employment Judge Parkin to celebrate his retirement.

Head of Chambers, Chris Kennedy QC, warmly congratulated each of the judges and reminded all present of their valuable contribution to the life of chambers over the years.

Head of Chambers, Chris Kennedy QCDrummer = Mr Wilson's Second Liners

The guests were entertained by Mr Wilson’s Second Liners (a tribute to Manchester’s music hero, Tony Wilson, and the famous second liners of a New Orleans street procession). The band fused a love of brass music with all the classics from 80’s and 90’s Manchester.

HHJ Heppenstall

Chambers would like to thank Julie-Anne Luck and Rachel Swift for organising a fantastic evening. We very much hope that this will be the first of many such events after the limitations of the pandemic over the last couple of years.



(1) Employment Judge Eeley, HHJ Gilbart, Employment Judge Wedderspoon, Employment Judge Parkin, HHJ Preston and HHJ Heppenstall.

(2) Head of Chambers, Chris Kennedy QC

(3) Drummer = Mr Wilson's Second Liners

(4) HHJ Heppenstall


Chambers would also like to thank the following...

Manchester-based photographer Helen Millington – you can follow her here on LinkedIn and Twitter.

The band Mr Wilson's Second Liners – you can follow them here on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube.

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