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The use of AI recruitment tools and the Equality Act 2010

7th September, 2023

Isabel Baylis looks at how AI is being used in recruitment and the impact it may have on future Equality Act 2010 cases.

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Health and safety employment claims in the time of Coronavirus: Isabel Baylis explores the new line of cases

9th June, 2021

Isabel Baylis provides key insights into the new realm of health and safety cases in the employment context.

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Robert Lassey discusses Drugs Policy and the use of CBD Oil

1st February, 2021

A relatively new phenomenon on the UK Pharmaceutical landscape, CBD oil is a recently legalised medicinal derivative of cannabis, popularised by those seeking alternative forms of medicine.

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Top Five Tips on Redundancies: Laura Kaye and Jennie Ferrario

1st May, 2020

Find out what Laura Kaye and Jennie Ferrario consider to be the best tips when considering making redundancies. Their video in the 9SJS Employment Insights Series is now live.

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Tom Gilbart and James Hurd analyse tricky aspects of furlough

21st April, 2020

In the latest video from the 9SJS Employment Insights, Tom Gilbart and James Hurd have focused on the tricky aspects of the furlough scheme as well as providing an extremely useful update.

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Rebecca Eeley and Amy Smith tackle the issue of holidays in the context of furlough

16th April, 2020

In two videos in our 9SJS Employment Insights Series, Rebecca Eeley and Amy Smith focus on the key questions on the topic of holiday in furlough.

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Assunta Del Priore in Grazia

14th April, 2020

Assunta Del Priore was featured in a special edition of Grazia magazine

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Stefan Brochwicz-Lewinski and Louise Quigley answer key questions on furlough

8th April, 2020

The word 'furlough' has never been used more frequently than in the last few weeks. However, there has been a lot of uncertainty regarding how it works and how it impacts on employment rights.

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Employment rights during the coronavirus outbreak

2nd April, 2020

Louise Quigley writes for the Manchester Evening News, answering key questions posed by many worried employees and employers during the coronavirus outbreak.

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Where do we stand on third party harassment?

26th November, 2019

Joanne Connolly is successful in the Employment Appeal Tribunal in defeating an attempt to extend the Equality Act 2010 to include third party harassment.

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