Employment and Workplace Mediation


We are pleased to announce Chambers building is officially open and all members of the 9SJS Mediation Group are able to host mediations again at 9 St John Street. To assist in preparing for face to face mediations we have prepared a short guide which you can find here.

As employment law specialists, we recognise the value of resolving workplace conflict at the earliest opportunity. We are well placed in terms of understanding the organisational and personal cost of employment disputes and litigation.

Mediation offers a positive alternative to the adversarial process at any stage of an employment dispute. It is a powerful method which supports parties to deal with contentious issues by agreement. It is cost-effective and quick by comparison with litigation.

Amongst the Employment Group, we have accredited Mediators and Barristers who have Civil Mediation Council accredited training. We strongly believe our expertise in employment law and our tribunal experience enhances our work as mediators.

Workplace Mediation

A confidential and voluntary process with the aim of restoring harmony to damaged relationships in the workplace. Workers in conflict are supported to find mutually acceptable solutions to their differences and to agree on productive ways of working together in the future. A successful workplace mediation can stop a dispute from escalating into a claim in the Tribunal.

Employment Claim Mediation

Where there is an ongoing employment claim or a dispute which is likely to turn into a claim, mediation is an effective way to promote settlement. It has many advantages over the adversarial process. It is confidential, quick and cost-effective. The parties are free to agree solutions which a court or tribunal would not have the power to order. In short, it puts the solution to a dispute back into the control of the parties.

To find out further information about mediation, click here. If you wish to instruct a Mediator, please contact Julia Lanza on 0161 955 9000.

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