Travel & International Personal Injury Law

The travel law team at 9 St John Street provides high quality specialist advice and advocacy services in all areas of travel litigation.

Drawing upon our significant experience as a leading set of personal injury and insurance fraud practitioners and our expertise in respect of technical cross border issues, our dedicated team is able to service all areas of this growing body of work.

Members have a proven track record in claims involving jurisdiction and choice of law disputes and have the benefit of experience of legal systems in other jurisdictions. More recent instructions have included claims in which fraud concerns have been raised. Members have successfully deployed their fraud expertise to achieve the successful resolution of these claims.

The team has good links with legal experts in the European Union and members are well placed to identify as well as work with foreign lawyers.


The types of matters which members of the team have been instructed on include:

  • jurisdiction and enforcement issues, including contesting jurisdiction on procedural and substantive grounds
  • applicable law issues, including the application of Rome I and Rome II
  • claims involving the impact of Brexit on jurisdiction and applicable law
  • high value spinal cord, brain and fatal injury cases involving UK citizens working or holidaying abroad
  • acting for foreign nationals who have been injured in the UK, including assisting overseas lawyers on UK legal issues
  • assisting foreign lawyers conducting claims overseas for UK citizens injured aboard who pursue claims in the locality where they were injured
  • claims arising out of road traffic accidents abroad
  • claims arising out of domestic road traffic accidents involving foreign registered vehicles
  • claims involving the interface between the different legal systems within the UK
  • product liability abroad
  • the Athens, Warsaw and Montreal Conventions
  • claims brought under the Package Travel Regulations, including accidents at hotels, and applicable local safety standards
  • ruined holidays and weddings booked in the UK
  • contractual issues arising out of contracts between consumers and tour operators
  • indemnity claims and contractual indemnity issues with foreign suppliers
  • large group injury actions resulting from food poisoning and infections whilst on holiday abroad, acting for Claimants and tour operators
  •  injuries caused on excursions booked in the UK prior going on holiday and whilst on holiday

Please contact the dedicated Travel Law clerks Tony Morrissey or Joe Gibson, for more details of how we can assist you service your clients' needs better on 0161 955 9000.

William Hamilton
Head of Travel & International Personal Injury Law Group